I have recently had very good results in treating a 28 year old gelding who had Mud Fever for approx 15 years and conventional medicine had failed to cure

The horse got it every year and it got it so badly  that in occourred in wet Summers

Treatment started end of Oct 2021 and as of the end of January 2022 is nearly perfect

When I first started treating him he had it on all 4 legs

The off hind was the worst with the leg swelled up to the hock, scabs at the bulbs of the heels, with an orange yellow sticky discharge

By the end of November 2021,  both front legs were fine, with a small improvement  in both hind ones

Treatment continued with the same remedies and as of the end of January 2022 horse doing very well, most of existing scabs have fallen off,just a few small ones left,no new ones,  no discharge, hair has regrown.

Good resault