I recently had a very very fast and thorough cure of a dog with Kennel Cough

She is a 15 month old female not spayed

She seemed to pick up the Kennel cough from another dog vaccinated against it in the previous 2 weeks

The other dog was  cared for by the owners of the dog I treated while the owner was away for 2 weeks

Symptoms bad cough with the feeling that the dog was trying to cough up something but could get it up

There are many remedies for this problem but the one I chose HIT the nail on the head

with complete cure after 2 doses over 2 days !!


A-Correct  remedy

B– My patient had got no Antibiotics or Steroids==both of these can slow down or inhibit the action of Homeopathic Remedies

C–The dog was never Vaccinated against the cough

We Homeopathic Vets find that dogs Vaccinated against the cough are harder to cure Homeopathically than those not Vaccinated