Homeopathy for Horses


The horse is the one species that responds best to Homeopathic Medicine and the same applies to Conventional Medicine.

The horse is an animal that shows you very quickly if it is going to respond no matter what the treatment is and when it is Homeopathic treatment they respond extremely well indeed.

Tapes of George Macleod MRCVS, DVSM,VetFFHom

Homeopathic treatment of animals-Diseases of the Horse

British Homeopathic Association 1994.

Sweet itch

  • Sweet itch is a skin condition which occurs mainly from April to October, most common in horses outdoors in low lying areas in humid weather conditions.
  • Caused by midge Culicoides which is most active in wet marshy wooded areas and at dawn and dusk so to prevent keep horses away from these areas and stable them before dusk and out after dawn.


  • These vary from scruffy rash from mane to tail to blisters along back and withers which burst,, ooze serum and are unsightly.
  • May also be dirty smelly.
  • Lesions very itchy and they rub off posts and gates which make things worse.

Homeopathic treatment can help in my experience.


  • These caused by a virus and spread easily by contact.
  • They appear in different areas, muzzle, sides of face, inguinal areas and some may bleed easily.

Homeopathic treatment can help but often slow to disappear.

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