homeopathy for grief

Grief in Animals

Grief is something we all suffer from to a greater or lesser degree during our lives but few people realise that many animals also suffer from it.

I have treated Horses, Cattle, Cats and Dogs with grief.

Symptoms vary from animal to animal and include being off colour, moody , not wanting company as much as before, excess bellowing ( bovines) and greasy hair (horses dogs/cats).

Grief in Horses

When the Mare and her foal are separated at weaning both can suffer from it.
Many parents buy a pony to teach their child/children to ride and when these kids get too big for that pony it is often sold on to a new home and replaced by a bigger one leading to grief in the pony that is sold on and to the kids who previously owned it .
They miss each other  and the bond built up by grooming riding and close contact is gone.

Grief in Cattle

Quite common in suckler herds after weaning, but especially after abrupt weaning and straight to a mart.

Both manifest their grief by excessive bellowing and in the case of the weanling often leads to pneumonia approx.14 days after purchase by another farmer.

A cow aborts a dead calf at around 8 months, has not much milk, may get womb infection with dirty discharge is not eating much.

No better after a course of Antibiotics.

This animal probably grieving.

Grief in Cats and Dogs

Many cats/dogs grieve when their owner ‘Master’ dies, or moves away, to a job, college or even holidays or when they are put into kennels for a short period of time.They can also grieve when another cat or dog dies within the family.Of course owners ‘Masters’ also grieve when a companion animal dies or disappears or is stolen.In my experience Homeopathic treatment can help grief in people and animals.

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