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Skin and ear problems

The ear canal is lined by modified skin and there is no doubt that patients suffering from skin disease and ear problems will benefit from a diet based on whole raw food  and of particular importance are the essential fatty acids and the one simple dietary measure above all others which will benefit these patients is the addition of cold pressed hempseed, flaxseed or fish oil to the food.

Saxton/ Gregory-Text book of Veterinary Homeopathy)

Canker is more common in certain breeds due to the anatomy of their ears e.g. Poodles excess hair. and Spaniels drooping ears and these 2 conditions make flow of air around the ear difficult.

Ear mites can also contribute to the problem. —See below===

Symptoms of Canker include – shaking the head, holding it to the side of affected ear, pawing and scratching the ear, and rubbing it off the ground.

There is usually a musty smell and discharges of various colours.

In my experience treating this problem with Homeopathy and above feeding regime helps.



Ear mites live  in the dogs ear and can be picked up just by playing with other dogs when out walking

They suck the dogs blood and annoy the dog and cause them to scratch continously ,with shaking of the head

The black waxy discharge from the dogs ear is actually blood

Chemicals are used to kill these mites but they can be killed naturally as follows

Put Olive oil or liquid paraffin at room temperature into the eardrum every second night for 6 weeks

Can be repeated after 3 weeks if problem still exists

If there is dried material in the ear at the start warm Vinegar one part and warm water 2 parts mixed together will help to soften things up

However do not use this mixture if the ear is sore from scratching at it


Kennel Cough  (Canine Tracheobronchitis )

It is caused by inflammation of the Trachea by a mixture of bacteria and viruses.

As the name suggests the first time you may encounter this condition is when you go to collect your dog from the kennels after the holidays or bring it back from a show

The symptoms are generally a short dry hacking cough sometimes a succession of coughs occur, dog seems to have something caught in the throat but has not.

At times it acts after a cough as if it were going to vomit and very occasionally does so.

Some dogs have runny nose  and eyes .

Easily spread when out walking your dog even if on a lead if it noses another infected one can get it, also  airborne spread where groups of dogs get together.

Incubation period 2 to 14 days.

The cough can last from 3 to 6 weeks but in my experience Homeopathic treatment can shorten this time.

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